Tom Cruise Smuggles Drugs In First Trailer For ‘American Made’ | Film Trailer


We’ve been so used to Tom Cruise hanging from the side of planes and performing impossible stunts that we’ve forgotten he’s also a pretty talented actor.


The first trailer for American Made dropped today, and it’s clearly a step away from his recent action-heavy roles (although there are plenty of planes and, err, action here as well. Perhaps we should rethink this).


The film is based on a true story, with Cruise starring as Barry Seal, a pilot hired by the CIA to ostensibly help counter the threat of communism in Central America, who gets involved in drug smuggling. The film teams Cruise with director Doug Liman (Edge Of Tomorrow), once again.


While this is a more grounded film than their sci-fi action together, there looks to be potential for another hit:



It’s certainly refreshing to see Cruise play a less-than-heroic character, and the film looks indebted to the success of Martin Scorsese‘s The Wolf Of Wall Street and its imitators that followed, such as War Dogs.


While box office numbers show that no one seems to be tired of Tom Cruise the action hero, this should be an interesting role for him to sink his teeth into and once again prove the kind of range he has.


American Made arrives in cinemas Friday, September 29. Prior to that, Cruise stars in The Mummy, released this Friday, June 9.



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