Tomi Tribe And Toyé Collaborate On New Single ‘Ni Nigeria’

Los Angeles-based artist Tomi Tribe and Atlanta’s own Toyé have collaborated to ignite the summer music scene with their latest release, “NI NIGERIA“. The Afro-piano rhythm track, born in Lagos and perfected in Los Angeles, is set to keep dance floors ablaze and energized.

The track’s inception traces back to December when Tomi Tribe set up a music camp in Lagos, Nigeria. A chance encounter with Toyé led to a creative exploration that resonated with both artists. Dante Beats provided the catalyst, a particular beat that caught Tomi Tribe’s attention and inspiration was sparked.

Toyé was immediately enamored with the beat, and they both felt an undeniable synergy, deciding to lay down the track. After several days of collaborative effort to fine-tune the lyrics, they were able to capture the energy of their shared vision, culminating in the final version of “NI NIGERIA”.

Upon returning to Los Angeles, Tomi Tribe realized that “NI NIGERIA” was a standout amongst the tracks produced in Lagos. This realization prompted a month-long endeavor of mixing, mastering, and formulating a release strategy that would do justice to the track’s potential. The duo felt the irresistible urge to launch their creation from where it was born, leading them back to Lagos for the release.

“NI NIGERIA” is not merely a song; it’s a tribute to the vibrancy of Nigeria’s culture and spirit. It conveys a powerful statement encapsulating the artists’ audacious defiance against any adversarial forces they might encounter in Nigeria, underlined by the lyrics: “Don’t mess with me in this Nigeria”.

Now available for streaming, “NI NIGERIA” is set to make a sensational impact on the summer music scene. This hot new release from Tomi Tribe and Toyé is definitely a summer must-listen.

Watch the video for “NI NIGERIA” below!


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