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Tommy Ashby is a Scottish singer-songwriter and today (November 10), he has released a new single titled “Guilty”.


His music is described as an “eclectic mix of American roots, blues and country music combined with Scottish folk roots”. The artist admits getting influence from songwriters such as Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkel, Jeff Buckley, but he has definitely found his own unique approach to music and a way to express the real himself.


With the help of Grammy Award winning producer Sam Okell, Ashby recorded his newest track “Guilty” in his own bedroom, and he says about the song, “‘Guilty’ is obviously about infidelity and is told from the guilty party’s point of view. I wanted to look at how people approach telling someone they love what they have done and the latent love left behind after the confession“.


The Powerful rhythm, passionate slow-tempo melody and a mellow voice on “Guilty’ could make it a great fit for one of the Fifty Shades movies soundtrack. However, for now, we recommend at least, adding the song to your romantic evening playlist and waiting for more new tracks from the artist. Follow news on him here!


Stream Tommy Ashby’s “Guilty” on Soundcloud and Spotify below.[\embed]



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