Topshop Announces News Every Girl Has Been Waiting For | Fashion News


Everyone has, at some point, felt the pain of watching your favourite black jeans become grey jeans. Topshops Joni Jeans are known for fading quickly, it’s become the bane of everyone’s lives. Many have taken to twitter over the previous years to broadcast their frustration at the company’s product as they aren’t cheap, and if you pay for a pair of black skinny jeans, you kind of expect them to maintain their colour for at least a couple months, rather than years…






Topshop have replied to backlash in the best way possible. The fashion forward company is now offering a refund on your beloved jeans if they fade within three months. The refund may also cover the rips within their ripped jeans if they fray beyond the point of being fashionable. Of course you will need proof of purchase, but now your black jeans can really maintain their colour and you’ll save £40!






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