Topshop Are Trying To Bring Suspender Jeans Back | Fashion News


Jeans are a go to fashion staple. Skinny, flared, baggy, bootleg. There are so many styles, types and colours that there are jeans for pretty much everyone. Now the Autumn months are here we have to heartrendingly stash our summer clothes to the back of our wardrobes and wear the clothes meant for autumn walks, hot drinks and dark nights.


Topshop recently introduced their own take on the item. Suspender jeans. Once upon a time these made there way onto shop shelves however they didn’t stay very long due to dungeress taking their place due to being an easier way of wearing the bold fashion statement piece.





The jeans are blue dark wash denim and contain suspenders within the design. The unique style is being sold for £85. This look comes weeks after Topshops head of design spoke out and said “We want to disrupt. We want to do something that will get people talking.” The upcoming months will tell as to whether these jeans are the fashion way forward.






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