Toronto Group The Wyze Release New Single ‘Step Away’

Canadian band The Wyze has released a catchy new single titled “Step Away“.

“Step Away” was created during a writing session at their home studio in Toronto.”Step Away” is a strong and emotional song about the human desire to flee the pressures and obligations of daily life.

They tried to express in their songs, the sensation of being overwhelmed and choked as well as the need to get out to find some breathing room. Anyone seeking to relax and get away from the pressures of everyday life may find “Step Away” to be the ideal music. “Step Away” is the ideal music to let you escape, whether you’re dancing at a club or just need a break.

The Wyze, most known for their 2020 song “Passengers Side” was founded by Chase and Chris in Toronto. Chase and Chris met in Miami during Miami Music Week and quickly became the best of friends. They created all of their music in their home studio in West End Toronto.

The Wyze brought together unique musical elements that Chase and Chris had created separately. From the group Exit Friendzone, Chris was a talented producer and DJ famous for his remixes for the likes of Martin Garrix and Madison Beer, while Chase was working as a session pianist, vocalist, and producer for indie rock bands.

The Wyze released their debut EP to start off 2021 Faded Gold. Yaakov Gruzman‘s skill was included to The Wyze later in the summer of 2021. A Platinum Certified composer, mixer, and producer, Yash was nominated for the 2017 Juno Award for Dance Recording of the Year. Coincidentally, the same week that Chris and Chase met, Yash also ran into Chris in Miami.

We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Listen to “Step Away” below:


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