Louis Vuitton Reframes French Girl Attitude For 2023 Paris Fashion Week Show

We haven’t been completely obsessed with French-girl fashion in a while. But this season, at least, it seems that the French muse is the talk of the town. Louis Vuitton has taken the stage in Paris on Monday.

With every major brand present during this year’s Paris Fashion Week. Dior, Saint Laurent, and most recently, Louis Vuitton, have all discussed the issue lately.

What Is French Style? was the opening statement of Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2023 fashion show, which was held in the vaulted salons of the Musée d’Orsay. The flickering lights and the mingling of the sounds of passing trains and planes helped to create the atmosphere.

Sculptural dresses came layered over chunky tops, long, tailored coats and red leather pants blended to create a new vision of creative director Nicolas Ghesquière‘s twisted take on all things French. Chunky, pleated blazers were belted and layered over dynamic, textural dresses. Pinstripes were blown up to massive proportions and positioned on balloon-like trousers and jackets.

Close examination of the details revealed a strong subversion of the traditional conservatism with deep roots in French fashion; however, in comparison to Ghesquière’s previous Louis Vuitton collections, this one more strongly echoed the idea of quiet luxury over aristocratic maximalism.

There were a variety of handbags, including one decorated to resemble a typical blue and green Parisian street sign with the words “Louis Vuitton” stamped in white letters.

The sound of footsteps was projected throughout the venue at the conclusion of the show, creating the illusion that invisible models were walking down the runway. Nicolas Becker, a sound artist, created this effect.

We are not one to decide who won the Battle of Fashion Week Runway this year but Louis Vuitton left its mark on the runway -dusting off- other brands with its new rephrased “The French Girl” attitude. The brand has managed to blend French elegancy with the right amount of playfulness and the fashion house did it with an effort lighter than air.

Continue reading to find out the best runway moment Louis Vuitton created for Paris Fashion Week 2023 below!


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