Toronto Hybrid Artist Jaz Valentino Releases New Album ‘Jaz’s Blues (Side A)’

On April 29, via Canadian independent label and collective Day7 Records, Toronto-based hybrid artist, songwriter and musician Jaz Valentino released his brand new album Jaz’s Blues (side A).

The 8-track album is the Grenada/Serbia native’s second full-length project in two years, following last year’s introductory album Day 7, which helped Jaz Valentino reach his first million streams on Spotify.

Melodic rap and R&B fusion album Jaz’s Blues (Side A) was preceded by two well-received singles that were released to open Jaz Valentino’s 2022 album – the Buckroll Beats-produced Snowflakes which garnered more than 100,000 plays online.

Jaz’s Blues (side A) opens with “Farmers Land” a tribute to Jaz Valentino’s father, who passed away from liver cancer when Jaz was just 13. Then he digs deeper into his trust issues on “Eunoia” and talks about his friendships on songs like “King City” and “Like Minds”.

The artist refocuses on his faith on “Blue F” and ends the album with “Life Waters” which is about starting over with Jaz’s grandmother, who practically raised him.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the album, Jaz Valentino says : “Jaz’s Blues (Side A)’ is me baring my soul in the music about the last three years of my life and what I’ve been going through. Flowers come out of the growth process, but no one talks about the pain the bud or seedling go through in the process, and this is what the album represents”.

Listen to Jaz’s Blues (Side A) below:


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