Toronto Singer Aqyila Embraces Brighter Future On Uplifting New Single ‘Hello’

Toronto-based R&B singer Aqyila delivers an empowering message of growth and self-discovery in her latest single “Hello“, released through Sony Music Canada. As a preview of her upcoming debut EP, ‘For The Better,’ Aqyila invites listeners on an introspective journey, reflecting on leaving behind what no longer serves her and welcoming a brighter future.

The inspiring track sees Aqyila singing, “Falling in love with who I am, I don’t have time for anything that’s going to harm me.” The song’s uplifting rhythm and harmonies resonate with listeners as she shares her understanding of the importance of personal growth and embracing life’s positive experiences.

“Hello” showcases Aqyila’s fearless approach to her journey of self-love and peace of mind, unapologetically celebrating her self-discovery and newfound passion for leaving the past behind. With a focus on welcoming positivity, the singer-songwriter is determined to evolve with each new release.

Discussing the inspiration behind “Hello,” Aqyila explains, “With every song I release, I love to challenge myself to try something new. With every song, I’d like to feel like I’m evolving when I create. I haven’t created something like this before, and I’m so glad that just from the quick snippet alone, it’s resonating with so many people.”

As a sneak peek into her upcoming debut EP For The Better, “Hello” serves as a motivational anthem that encourages listeners to let go of the past and embrace their futures. While fans eagerly await the full release, they can enjoy Aqyila’s latest single “Hello” by pressing play here.


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