Trailer For ‘Carpool Karaoke: The Series’ Shows Stars Belt It Out | TV Trailer


Continuing the entertainment industry’s magnetism to the successful (and not always original), Carpool Karaoke: The Series is soon to materialise onto our screens, as announced and celebrated by the latest trailer for the show. The show features celebrity pairings including John Legend and Alicia Keys, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, singing it out in cars, and carrying out other shenanigans on the streets of LA.


The series is an extension of the Carpool Karaoke segment popularised on The Late Late Show with James Corden. The segment consisted of James Corden driving the likes of Adele, Chris Martin, and Lady Gaga, singing their classics and having a blast. Videos became viral, and have been enjoyed thoroughly for showing stars in a relaxed light.


The show is a recipe for success, but I’m afraid that success might not be fulfilled. That’s because the series is available exclusively to Apple Music subscribers, so a lot of people will be missing out. Likely, the series will be made available by rogues through other means, whether illegally uploaded to YouTube or downloadable elsewhere.


Carpool Karaoke premieres with a 16-episode series, exclusively on Apple Music August 8, with new episodes each Tuesday. Watch a montage of the mischief, to the tune of James Brown‘s “Get Up Off That Thing” below.




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