Trailer For New Horror Film ‘Devil In The Dark’ | Film Trailer


Someone’s been watching their share of Donnie Darko and The Blair Witch Project, it seems, as the trailer for new horror film, Devil In The Dark, seems to check off all the points you’d need to combine those two films. Mainly a) a weird bunny thing and b) the creepy woods.


It’s an avid hunting fans worst nightmare, as two estranged brothers find themselves being stalked by a terrifying unknown entity while on a weekend hunting trip in remote British Columbia.


The trailer isn’t the most original you’ll see, but it’s certainly eerie, and the idea of practically a whole film set in the creepy terrains of the woods while being stalked by mysterious creatures and possessed children sounds like a thrilling ride. Whether it’ll turn out to be anything of note or just another forgettable horror film to add to the pile remains to be seen. Check out the trailer below for a glimpse.



The film is directed by Tim Brown (The Cradle) and will be released Tuesday, March 7.



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