Trailer Released for Anthology Horror Film ‘Holidays’ | Film News

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Trailer Released for Anthology Horror Film ‘Holidays’ | Film News



Vertical Entertainment has released a trailer for new anthology horror film Holidays, which takes on the idea of holiday traditions and folklore.


With direction from the likes of Gary Shore and Kevin Smith, The films’ segments are to run as follows:


  • Valentine’s Day ( Directed by Dennis Widmyer & Kevin Kolsch)
  • St. Patrick’s Day  Gary Shore)
  • Easter (Nicholas McCarthy)
  • Mothers’ Day (Sarah Adina Smith)
  • Fathers’ Day (Anthony Scott Burns)
  • Christmas (Scott Stewart)
  • Hollow Ian (Kevin Smith)
  • New Years Eve (Adam Egypt Mortimer)


Producer John Hegeman stated “Holidays is a great opportunity for some of the most creative and twisted minds in the genre space today to really let loose and have fun,“. He went on to say that Holidays will be “challenging our folklore, traditions and assumptions“.


The film will get its’ official debut at New York’s Tribeca film festival on April 13, before its’ worldwide release (although no date has been confirmed for this).


You can see the trailer below.




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