‘Training Day’ TV Adaptation Could See Return Of Ethan Hawke | TV News

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‘Training Day’ TV Adaptation Could See Return Of Ethan Hawke | TV News



We recently reported that CBS has made plans to release a TV sequel to 2001’s Training Day, which originally starred Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke. Now, it appears as though its development is moving ahead, as they have apparently approached Hawke to reprise the role of Jake Hoyt for the new series.


According to a report made by Deadline, there has been many speculation made regarding the possibility of his appearance. Though nothing has been set in stone, they suggested that two scripts are currently being considered, which varies in degree behind his involvement.


As the plot is set to follow a young African-American rookie being taken under the wing of a morally ambiguous Caucasian detective, the first script sees the latter role being played by Hawke himself. While other implications have suggested his role to parallel that of Bradley Cooper in Limitless, in which he is seen as an occasional guest that ties the film and TV versions together.


In both cases, it would really be interesting to see how well they would bring back Jake Hoyt into the series, and whether or not the years within the force has affected his morality much like his former mentor.



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