‘Tremors’ TV Series Starring Kevin Bacon Not Picked Up | TV News


It was reported last June that a Tremors TV series was in the works, with Kevin Bacon returning to star in the project. The Syfy channel ordered the pilot, which seemed like a perfect fit for the show, and everything seemed like it was going smoothly.


Apparently not, as the pilot was not picked up the channel and the series has now been cancelled. Bacon himself reported the sad news on his instagram:


“Sad to report that my dream of revisiting the world of Perfection will not become a reality. Although we made a fantastic pilot (IMHO) the network has decided not to move forward. Thanks to our killer cast and everyone behind the scenes who worked so hard. And always keep one eye out for GRABOIDS!”


It’s surprising that a series reboot of a popular 80s film has not been picked up considering the current trends of both 80s nostalgia and film-to-TV remakes, but maybe the pilot just wasn’t what Syfy were looking for.


The abandoned pilot was written by Andrew Miller and was directed by Vincenzo Natali and has already been filmed, so there remains an outside chance of someone like Netflix swooping in to save the day and pick up the series for a full order, but that seems unlikely at this point. But if there’s enough fan outcry over the cancellation, who knows?



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