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Trippy Turtle has just released his new singe title “Super Song” featuring Disco Duck. The track is part of his new EP titled Trippy out on August 23, he also unveiled a new music video for “Lettuce” on August 8.


“Super Song” incorporate different music style including Bmore Club and R&B, it contains a groovy, old-school beat that’s sprinkled with Disco Duck’s electrifying influence. Contrary to other songs produced by the ‘super song’ artist, the vocal part is not marginal in this track. “Super Song” Is a funny song, a perfect summer track that makes you want to dance.


Speaking about the new EP the artist said: “I’ve been working on this EP for a while now. I’ve actually been playing the unmastered demos in my set for about a year! It really helped me figure out how to get the songs to a finished place, I was able to read the crowd, and then when I was in the studio, I made changes based off my mental notes from that night. It was also so exciting to see people post videos after the show of the new music”.


Listen to Trippy Turtle’s “Super Song” below.




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