Troye Sivan – WILD | Music Video



When Troye Sivan was fifteen, he nervously came out to his dad following a brief discussion on religion. Three years later, he made a ‘Coming Out’ video on YouTube – the site that initially boosted his popularity. Now, Sivan has released the music video for “WILD” which focuses on the love and friendship between two boys.


A large majority of the video focuses on the boys running together, riding bikes side-by-side, playing games… basically, doing what little boys tend to do. What’s great are the subtleties (a lingering glance here, a finger stroke there) that give away their feelings for one another, but it’s never explicit, only implied.


Now and then, there are shots of Sivan at his current age entwined with someone (the boy from his childhood, we’re led to believe) as he sings. The video is part one of a three-part series called ‘Blue Neighbourhood’, so it’ll likely end up feeling like a short film rather than three music videos. “WILD” comes from Sivan’s EP of the same name which came out on September 4. Watch the music video below and buy the EP here.




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