Freddie Stroma Cast As Samwell Tarly’s Brother In ‘Game Of Thrones’ | TV News

Freddie Stroma


As one dashing actor departs HBO’s Game Of Thrones in a body bag in the form of fan-favourite Jon Snow (I can’t, It still hurts). Enter stage right Freddie Stoma, a British actor that you may recognise from the Harry Potter franchise, has been cast as other fan-fav Samwell Tarly’s brother Dickon.


Of recent, Stoma has been schmoozing it up in Hollywood with roles in the smash hit Pitch Perfect and Lifetimes acclaimed satirical-drama UnReal, as the sought-after bachelor on a fictionalized The Bachelor-type reality show.


Little is known of Dickon Tarly in George.R.R. Martins novels but he is described as the younger brother to Sam, and the physically more capable of the two. Which stands to reason, given that we learnt from Sam himself, that his father, the military commander Lord Randyll Tarly, gave the endearingly-inept-crow an ultimatum to leave for the Night’s Watch or die at his hands so Dickon could be his heir instead.


With the Tarly’s described in the show as a formidable force in the north, it seems more than likely that Sam’s relatives could become a reoccurring presence on the show as they enter the fray in the bloody war for the Iron Throne.



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