TSCRPT Awakens The Senses With ‘3AM In The Caymans’

TSCRPT, the boundary-pushing Nigerian-American artist, is back with a new track, “3AM In The Caymans.”

Produced by the talented Ayo Sam, this seductive blend of Afro-R&B and Afro-Pop takes listeners on a journey to the sultry nights of the Cayman Islands. With its smooth beats and evocative lyrics, “3AM in the Caymans” captures the essence of passion and desire, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in its irresistible rhythms.

Drawing inspiration directly from the ambiance of the Cayman Islands, TSCRPT sets the scene for an intimate encounter between lovers, transporting listeners to a world where time stands still. The track showcases the artist’s versatility, seamlessly fusing elements of Afro-R&B and Afro-Pop to create a great blend.

This song is a celebration of love in its most passionate form,” says TSCRPT. “It’s about capturing those moments of intimacy and desire, and the magic that unfolds when two lovers come together.”

Born Tolu Toluhi and raised between Philadelphia, PA, and Queens, NY, TSCRPT draws inspiration from his multicultural upbringing and experiences to create music that transcends genres.

Since his debut in 2019, TSCRPT has quickly established himself as a versatile force in the music scene, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation with each release.

Driven by his mantra, “There’s a difference between crossing paths and sharing them,” the producer is on a mission to create music that reflects the diversity of the human experience, inviting audiences to share in his sonic journey.

With a fearless approach to experimentation and a commitment to authenticity, TSCRPT’s music resonates with listeners on a profound level, forging connections that transcend cultural and geographical boundaries.

As he continues to evolve as an artist and producer, his music promises to inspire, uplift, and entertain audiences around the world, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and shaping the future of Afro-inspired music.

“3AM in the Caymans” is just the latest testament to TSCRPT’s talent and innovation, solidifying his position as a dynamic artist on the rise.

Listen to “3AM in the Caymans” below!


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