UK Artists ArrDee And Cat Burns Share Their New Track ‘Home For My Heart‘

The two hottest up-and-coming artists of 2022 have collaborated to create the captivating new single “Home For My Heart”.

This heart-warming song is out now and will have you feeling all the emotions. The collaboration between ArrDee and Cat Burns will not disappoint, as the track has a very calm and pleasant feel, which makes it soothing and allows the listener to totally relax and let go.

ArrDee is a UK rapper who has accumulated over 500 million streams with six UK Top 10 singles. His debut mixtape Pier Pressure was certified gold by the British Phonographic Industry and peaked at #2 in the official charts last year.

Meanwhile, Cat Burns is a rising star who has become the biggest-selling female artist of 2022 in the UK, and has also earned three BRIT nominations, the most for a female artist at this year’s ceremony, a BBC Sound Poll 2023 nomination, and Spotify’s Global RADAR artist status.

In this poignant track, “Home For My Heart”, ArrDee and Cat Burns showcase their individual talents and the result is simply magical. The song tells the story of a relationship that is on the rocks and the struggle to balance personal life with newfound success.

ArrDee displays his tender side and Burns uses her delicate guitar playing and graceful vocals to their fullest potential, giving the track an emotional edge that will touch the hearts of listeners.

The heartwarming video that accompanies the single pays tribute to the duo’s humble beginnings. Shot by director Najeeb Tarazi, the UK MVA-nominated filmmaker who has worked with artists such as AC/DC and Gaz Coombes, the video takes a close look into the daily lives of a revolving cast of characters on Britain’s homely high streets and council estates.

As the characters embrace at the video’s end, the “Home For My Heart” message about the importance of human connection truly resonates.

“Home For My Heart” is a collaboration that beautifully combines the talents of two incredible artists. The single is another success for ArrDee and Cat Burns, and demonstrates their ability to produce great music that resonates with audiences. It’s a song that will tug at your heartstrings and leave you wanting more.

Watch the video below!


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