British Japanese Lo-Fi Artist Keni Sakuda Releases New Track ‘Won’t You’

British Japanese lo-fi artist Keni Sakuda has released a new single called “Won’t You“.

The heated mess we get into when we want to be accepted for who we truly are is the subject of this sensual contemporary R&B song, as well as the tension that results from our refusal to change, even from our flaws and shortcomings.

This is a crunchy lo-fi beat with modern R&B influences that talks to the desire for understanding and acceptance in a loving relationship. It portrays the tension felt by anybody who has ever felt the urge to be accepted for who they truly are. It is embellished with gorgeous Rhodes chord stabs.

This song was written with his childhood friend Vicky, who at the time of its creation was in a very bad relationship and used it as an escape to fantasise of finding someone who would accept her for who she was. Keni added the lo-fi production and orchestration to the song after she provided the lyrics and melody.

Keni Sakuda, who is originally from London and currently resides in Nottingham, England, creates music that is a courageous and expressive mash-up of several genres, including hip-hop, soul, jazz, house, and garage.

We hope you will enjoy it and dance the night away!

Listen the single below:


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