UK Singer Kwaku Asante Shares New Single ‘Strawberry Skies’ On COLORS

UK singer Kwaku Asante has shared a new soulful single, “Strawberry Skies,” on the renowned COLORS platform.

As the third release of the year, following the success of “Until The Morning” and “Free Spirit,” Kwaku continues to deliver captivating music that resonates with fans.

“Strawberry Skies” is an introspective tune that exhibits the complexities of desire, love, and relationships. Kwaku skillfully blends elements of Funk, R&B, and Pop, taking a liberating leap into a more eclectic musical sphere.

His passion for music traces back to his early years, where the sounds of Gospel and Jazz often filled his home and church.

His grandfather, A.K. Badu, a significant influence in Kwaku’s life, was a pioneer in Ghana’s music industry, having launched the country’s first record label, Ambassador Records Manufacturing, in 1954.

His collaborations with music legends such as Quincy Jones and Fela Kuti have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on Kwaku’s music journey.

As Kwaku matures, he acknowledges and cherishes his rich musical heritage. It motivates him to aim high and achieve greatness. His compelling vocals and captivating persona have made him a favored figure in the UK music scene.

This acclaim led to the sell-out of his headline gig at Village Underground, following the launch of his critically acclaimed Wanderlust EP.

Kwaku’s talent has earned him recognition and support from music platforms such as Jamz Supernova, Soulection, Afropunk, Clash, Notion, and Guap.

He has also been announced to perform at the Cloud X Festival on August 20, sharing the stage with artists like Jaz Karis, Samm Henshaw, and Berwynn.

Fans can eagerly anticipate Kwaku’s forthcoming project, Blue Solstice Volume 2, and expect more uplifting music this summer.

Watch the COLORS show performance below:


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