UK Singer Songwriter Chinwe Unveils Soulful New Single ‘Something Beautiful’

East London singer-songwriter and producer Chinwe has released her new track titled “Something Beautiful”.

Chinwe spent her teenage years writing songs and mastering her skills at playing guitar, her delicate and mellifluous melodies have attracted interest from big name in the music industry.

Chinwe is now ready to introduce her new soulful single “Something Beautiful” a delighting mix of jazz percussion and crisp production.

Taking inspiration from notable artists such as Nina Simone and Portishead, she has been exposed from a young age to a large and eclectic range of music thanks to her Nigerian and Jamaican heritage. Pulling out the best of this influences, the young artist uses her smooth voice over her own canvas between heaven and chaos.

During the lockdown lonely days, Chinwe has significantly uncreased her writing skills, putting the light on the dulcet tones of the stringed instrument.

Speaking about the newly released song, Chinwe adds, “Something Beautiful is about falling in love with someone but knowing that the relationship probably won’t survive past the situation or the circumstances that brought you together. It’s bitter sweet because you know you’re ultimately not compatible, but at the same time, you’re going to just enjoy it for what it is and live in the moment“.

Listen to “Something Beautiful” here:


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