UK Singer-Songwriter JUŁIA Releases Brand New Single ‘Mine’

19-year-old singer-songwriter JUŁIA is back with a second single for 2021 and it is entitled “Mine”.

“Mine” is a song about fighting for someone in a relationship that is dying. The song is explaining, through powerful vocals, how one person is willing to do almost anything to keep the relationship going.

This new single is a real pop gem, it has a great hook and a rhythm that will put you in a mood to dance on “Mine”. The track is also showing a strong and mature vocal performance from JUŁIA.

“Mine” was written a short time after her two other single back in 2017. She began with the chorus but couldn’t find the right catchy verses to follow so she sat down on it working on other songs in the meantime. When she almost forgot about it, everything made sense and came together to form this beautiful piece that is “Mine”.

As a coming pop sensation JUŁIA has been turning heads across the globe during the pandemic with her catchy hooks, engaging lyrics and her uniquely powerful vocal style. She released her debut single “Don’t Be Shy” in 2020, and it reached new audiences in the Philippines and beyond, creating an impressive foray into the scene for the 19-year-old singer-songwriter.

After her appearance on The Voice UK, she released her second single “Can’t Stop Missing You” in January 2021 on which she continued to display an intelligent song-writing ability.

We are all wishing to hear more of JUŁIA’s songs in the times to come. For now, you can listen to her last single “Mine” here:


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