UK TV Revenues Increase Against All Odds | TV News


UK TV revenues are reported to have gone up despite viewing habits changing. Revenues were reportedly £13.1 billion last year, which is up 3.1% according to Ofcom, despite our viewing habits relying more on Smart phones and tablets. The UK broadcast regulator’s Communications Market Report claims that the overall increase was caused by gains across all revenue sources, but there was a notable 5.1% increase in BBC income, a 3.9% increase in net advertising revenue, a 1.9% increase in subscription revenue and a 0.9% increase in all other revenue.


Although 37% of people are reported as saying that the TV is the device that they would miss most, 16-25 year old viewers rely heavily on catch up programs on smartphones or tablets rather than watching them on a television set. According to the report, two thirds of people own a smartphone, using it on average, for nearly two hours a day, whereas 54% of households also have a tablet. This change marks a “rapid rise in popularity from just 2% in 2011”. The smart phone’s increasing utility has called for the UK to be described as a “smartphone society“, especially after they have taken over laptops in terms of popularity and usage.



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