Underboob Is Becoming A Fashion Trend With The Extreme Crop Top | Fashion News


Low cut tops, plunging necklines and bralets are a huge part of looking stylish. You can’t attend a runway or a red carpet without seeing the trend at least somewhere, waltzing around. It seems that crop tops have been taken to a newer, and shorter, level this summer with the introduction of the extreme crop top.





The design requires confidence, due to how it encourages the under boob trend. However, if the style on it’s own it’s to your taste, it was be paired with a bright, bold lace bralet or a simple vest to give it a more casual look. The design has also been incorporated into dresses seen online, with cut out bits strategically placed to meet the trend that celebrities are looking this season.





As well as dresses and tops, the design is also within bikinis and swimsuits. It seems under boob has become the new cleavage.





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