Universal To Bring Riley Sager Novel ‘Final Girls’ To The Big Screen | Film News


Universal has secured the rights to the bring the novel Final Girls to the screen. No relation to the recent films Final Girl, or The Final Girls, the book is written by Riley Sager. If you’re wondering who that is, no one actually knows, as it is a pseudonym for an author who has previously published works under their real name.


Who knows if the “real” author has had as much success as Sager has though, as Final Girls has received praise from Stephen King, who compared it to the smash hit Gillian Flynn novel, Gone Girl.


The book follows Quincy Carpenter, who, a decade prior to the events of the book, survived a horror movie-esque massacre while on vacation with five friends. She unwittingly is dubbed a member of the Final Girls by the press; a group of women who survived horrific nightmares.


Quincy seems to have moved past her horrific ordeal. But when Lisa, the first final girl, is found dead, and the second, Sam, appears on Quincy’s doorstep, her dark past comes roaring back into her present and the nightmare that started ten years prior begins to engulf Quincy as she attempts to finish everything.


Chloe Yellin, director of development at Universal, will oversee production, while the search now begins for a director, a cast, etc.


The book sounds interesting, something like a deconstruction of the tropes of the slasher genre, which could become a smart, subversive film in the vein of Scream or The Cabin In The Woods in the right hands. Hopefully the story can be successfully adapted, and that starts with finding the right director to execute Sager’s vision.



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