Universal Wants Angelina Jolie For ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ | Film News

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Universal Wants Angelina Jolie For ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ | Film News



Angelina Jolie’s art-house inspired By The Sea which sees her starring alongside real-life husband Brad Pitt has already been ripped apart by the critics. The film is also expected to make a loss of around 40 million dollars. Now it has been revealed that there is a reason why Universal Studios agreed to fund Jolie’s passion project – they’re kind of hoping that she will return the favour.


According to The Hollywood Reporter Hollywood studios “back projects with limited commercial appeal as a way of keeping the biggest stars and directors in their fold” adding “Call it the “One for me, one for you” principle”. Green-lighting By the Sea was a gamble the studio was willing to make, since they’re hoping they will get something out of it.


They are apparently targeting Jolie for the lead role in Bride of Frankenstein which will be a part of their upcoming Monster universe. If that doesn’t happen they’re hoping they can lure her back for a Wanted sequel. The Hollywood Reporter writes that “either of those films could end up raking in far more in profits than Universal will lose on By the Sea”. 


There’s no word yet on whether Jolie is interested in these films. My guess is that she’s not overly excited, considering the way the studio is going about it. Universal will kick of their Monster’s universe with the remake of The Mummy in 2017. The Wolfman, Creature from the Black Lagoon and Van Helsing are also underway. 



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