Unjoo Moon To Direct ‘Frankly In Love’ Adaptation

Paramount Players and Alloy Entertainment have hired Unjoo Moon to direct an adaptation of YA novel Frankly In Love.

David Yoon‘s novel is widely considered one of the best YA novels of all time, and follows high school senior Frank Li who, in an attempt to get the girl of his dreams without upsetting his traditional Korean-American parents, concocts a plan to pretend to date his parent-approved friend Joy, but ultimately is left wondering if he ever really understood love – or himself – at all.

Allison Lee (Jawbone) and Evan Dodson (Lee Daniels’ Terms Of Endearment) have penned the screenplay. Moon previously directed 2020 biopic I Am Woman about Australian singer Helen Reddy, as well as 2012 documentary The Zen Of Bennett on jazz singer Tony Bennett.

Alloy Entertainment secured the book rights in 2019 after an intense bidding war, and it should be a good fit alongside their other YA-centric projects like Purple Hearts, which is currently in production for Netflix, and their popular TV franchises such as Gossip Girl and You.


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