US Alt-Pop Artist Beck Pete Releases New Single ‘Romantic’

American artist Beck Pete has release a new single entitled “Romantic”.

“Romantic” is a new song that comes with a movement-based, fascinating music video set in a home with just as much character and originality as Beck believes is woven into our daily lives.

Beck moves through the film, dipping in and out of the available and more confined, unusual movement to reflect the process of forsaking the commonplace while fully embracing the enchantment that surrounds us, and ultimately, the multilayered essence of love.

This love, according to Beck, should be reserved not only for the people see around, but also for the objects, places, feelings, colours, and all of the overlooked minute elements that make this life so beautiful, even in the times we find least fascinating or unpleasant.

This song and video encourage viewers to get over things they can’t handle and enjoy the beauty of it all by letting each moment take them on a journey.

Beck’s “Romantic” is a reminder that if we think and behave, there is wonder all around us. We have the option of allowing the world’s numerous mini-heartbreaks to develop a grey film over our everyday experiences, or we may pull the film off and see the vibrancy of the world around us.

Beck’s reputation in the US has soared in recent years as The Troubadour across the West Coast, but he popularity extends beyond there; her earlier track “Gently Break It” which was featured on Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has amassed millions of views globally.

Her song “Vertigo” was included on Apple Music’s ‘Best of the Week Japan’ and her performance has been acknowledged by Live Nation’s Ones to Watch, along with publications such as LadyGunn, Earmilk, and Medium Magazine.

Watch the video for “Romantic” below:


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