Vancouver Artist Sammy Rich Drops Debut Single ‘Must Come Down’ Featuring Khamisa | Music News


Vancouver emerging rapper Sammy Rich has just released his first solo single called “Must Come Down”, featuring Canadian singer Khamisa. The artist, who started out as a DJ and producer, was previously featured on a compilation as a DJ for his song “Way Down”.


In this moody and reflective record, Rich opens up about his life and relationships, progressing alongside his music career.


The track fuses neo-soul elements guitar riffs and hip-hop beats, and sees Sammy Rich transforming into a rapper, joined by fellow Canadian Khamisa to sing the choruses. The soul guitar riffs and Khamisa’s melodic voice add a groovy sound to “Must Come Down”, and help it resonate in a different way than a sheer hip-hop piece.


The turned-rapper is originally a producer and a DJ, who’s been performing in Vancouver’s underground electronic music scene for a decade. He jokingly started to write rap lines and rhymes over one of his beats last year. The DJ, now also a vocalist, discovered a new passion that became more than a joke, and it helped him and his sound evolve.


This fusion between electronic rhythms and rap lyrics has helped him create original and genre-defying tracks, like “Must Come Down”. The artist writes, records, produces and mixes all of his music by himself.


You can listen to the song right now:




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