Jazz Singer Laura Lizcano Releases New Track ‘Hello Old Friend’ | Music News


Colombian-born jazz singer Laura Lizcano has just unveiled a new song named “Hello Old Friend”, as part of her debut full-length project Heart.


The song is the first title on the album, which was released at the same time, after three singles were put out: “True Love” in February, “Corazon” in March, and “Overworked & Underpaid” earlier this month. Before this piece, the artist already self-released an EP, called Chance On Me, in 2018.


Lizcano wrote “Hello Old Friend” for her childhood best friend, with whom she stayed in contact with after moving to the United States at the age of ten. They stayed connected on social media over the years, and planned a get-together a couple years back when they were both in the US.


The singer is a Colombian-born artist based in Philadelphia. She was trained as a jazz vocalist, and combines that formal training with her love of folk and pop music. That results in lyrically-driven jazz compositions, that led her to perform in a few festivals, and as the featured vocalist for the Temple University Big Band.


In my opinion, the song is a pretty classic jazz song, that doesn’t add or create anything really new, but it’s still very nice to hear. Lizcano’s soulful and clear voice brings casual vibes to a well-written track, and we’re not asking for more.


You can listen to “Hello Old Friend” below and the rest of Laura Lizcano’s first album here.




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