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Dubai based alternative folk rock band Vandalye have just released their fourth single of the year titled “Don’t Lie To Me“, as they build up to their sophomore project in 2020.


According to the band, the track “was written as a pure tension and release song, with the verses focusing on all the things that create tension and the chorus focusing on pure release“.


The track was originally written on the piano, but they later added electric guitar and lap steel elements to replace the original acoustic feel of the track for a more urban vibe. The aim of the track? Well the band wanted to offer a song that listeners can scream to and let out all of their frustrations, listen to the track below and let us know if they have provided that for you.


The band was founded in 2015 by Lucas McCone, Thomas McCone, and Scott Attew, with each member coming from vary different backgrounds. Lucas and Thomas are twin brothers, who shelved their tennis careers for music, while lead singer Scott comes from a theatre background.


They released their debut EP in 2016 titled From The Beginning, lead by singles such as “A Different Kind Of Fix”, “Crystalline Woman”, “The 8th Reign”, “Mr Satellite Man”, and “Carry Me Home”, and fast-forward to 2019, and the band have been releasing a slew of tracks, culminating in “Don’t Lie To Me” to round up the year.


Listen to the single below, which the band say, is “something to bang your head to in the car or maybe when stuck in traffic“.




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