Victoria Beckham’s Power Girl Style At New York Fashion Week 2017 | Fashion News


The motto of the VB brand is “always fundamentally about what I like to wear” said Victoria Beckham after her Autumn/Winter 2017 fashion show at New York Fashion Week. This means moving away from the showpieces – that rarely step outide the catwalks – by focussing on more real-life outfits.


The woman that Victoria presents is a powerful figure but at the same time she shows elegance and femininity. Classic tailored jackets and chiffon dresses in bright red and sheer skirts will create this strong look that Victoria wants for women.


Colours are one of the strongest collection’s suits. Oxblood, grey and navy tones – typically in male collections – were enhanced with soft pale blue and pops of raspeberry. For the graphic textures, Victoria took inspiration from Paul Nash retrospecive at the Tate Modern and were shown mostly on chiffon dresses and skirts.





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