Vincent D’Onofrio To Star In ‘CHiPs’ Movie Adaptation | Film News


Hit television show CHIPs set in the late 70’s California is being adapted to the big screen. Dax Shephard and Michael Pena are set to be the motorbike duo Baker and Ponch. Yet up until now, a villain has not been mentioned. Shephard, who is also directing and writing the movie, has cast Vincent D’Onofrio for the ‘good cop-turned bad cop’ role. After his performance as Wilson Fiske within the highly popular Netflix Daredevil, Warner Bros. have turned their heads to the actor to play the villain in the film reboot. Also playing Vic Hoskins within the upcoming Jurassic World, D’Onoforio is moving on up in the climbing ladder of Hollywood actors, especially since his appearance in Men in Black.



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