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The good weather has finally arrived, and with it people can’t wait to show their new outfits and all the purchases made for the upcoming good season. But what if they weren’t completely new? What do you think about Vintage, and not just as a style?


Vintage clothing and accessories is reaching new heights of fame this year, with the issue of sustainability taking centre stage in 2019. The shift from buying new to buying second hand has been especially visible on Instagram, with influencers championing more sustainable practices and wearing more old clothes than new ones.


Because of the rise in demand for vintage, finding the best pieces has become easier and more accessible. Thanks to websites like Vestiaire Collective and Etsy, as well as Instagram accounts that also sell vintage. But you can easily check out your mother or granny’s wardrobe because fashion keep coming back and forward as if it was a circle.


Here you can find a list of three differents items this year  that have come back from the past. It’s up to you to look out for it in your family’s old wardrobe, in a vintage shop or brand-new. Check out them below.



Infiltrating the heads of influencers, ‘it girls’, and the runways, 2019 is the year of the headband. Can you imagine you can create your own headband? You just need an old and colourful headscarf, or simple fabric. 






Check out an Instagram post of Caro Daur wearing a headband in Los Angeles.




This one accessory alone has the power to transform an entire look to make it bolder and trendier. The older it is, the more precious it is. You can wear it high waisted on a dress or with jackets, and it would change the whole outfit. Check out some inspiration below.







Fanny Packs

Another trend that continues to circulate is the ‘fanny pack’ belt. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a hybrid of a classic belt and pouch. I am a big fan of the aesthetic it provides, as well as the practicality! And it is wore by all the celebs like Hailey Baldwin or Kendall Jenner.






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