Viola Davis To Star In New TV Drama From ‘Scandal’ Creator | TV News

Viola Davis stars in new pilot show ‘How To Get Away With Murder’


Academy Award nominee Viola Davis is set to star in a new TV show called How to Get Away with Murder, with Shonda Rimes who created TV show Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy acting as an executive producer on the show.


The crime thriller will be aired on ABC and is about mysterious law professor and criminal defence lawyer Annalise DeWitt played by Davis. The professor and her law students find themselves entangled in a murder plot that could turn the university on its head. Betsey Beers and Peter Nowalk will also act as executive producers on the show. Nowalk is a writer on both of Shonda’s shows and wrote the pilot for How to Get Away with Murder. Michael Offer will direct the pilot for the ABC show.



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