Vivienne Westwood Unveils 2023 Spring/Summer Ready-To-Wear Collection

The Spring/Summer 2023 Collection by Vivienne Westwood was launched the day after the Queen’s funeral and it was not by coincidence. “The Queen holds the country together. She’s a figurehead of international diplomacy” was once said by Westwood and the influence of the monarchy on her new collection is pretty clear.

Westwood’s new collection’s named Born To Rewild and it just makes sense since she has been collaborating with Rewilding Britain on numerous projects and fundraising with aims to help combat the climate crisis. Her new work brings back some tailoring, tartan, and nods to 18th-century men’s and women’s fashion.

In this campaign there was a huge preoccupation with sustainability; all the pieces are 90 percent lower-impact fabrics, including cotton and denim. Gender fluidity, astrology, British heritage, and the environment are some of the inspirations we can spot the right way.

With this launching, a statement was made not only by the vibrant colors and the unique prints but the concern to incorporating recurring themes within the pieces. We can assure you that this collection is a very effective way of showing how fashion design and activism can (and should) go side by side.

You can access all photos of the campaign shot and styled by Sabina Schreder, in Paris, online


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