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The April edition of American Vogue will celebrate female talent across the globe with several different women from 14 different countries. The first shoot for this story takes place in London, and a second shoot will take place a few weeks later in New York. Two countries that are breeding nationalism, through Brexit and an actual wall in the United States.


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But the meeting of these actresses over the course of a long, convivial weekend, feels like a sign of a different kind of political and cultural movement. The women who have been assembled live in places like Berlin, Seoul and Shanghai and the objective here is to create a new centre and a new bond.


If you think about Netflix and how it covers more than 35 languages or that films and TV shows from around the world are accessible in an instant. With one click you can watch a Bollywood movie even if you live in a small town in the US. Or the fact that travel is easier and cheaper than it once was and social media allows us to be interconnected worldwide. “We live in global times, and these are the faces of the new world order“.


This doesn’t mean that borders don’t exist, unfortunately. Think of the color of one’s passport or the language. “I’d like to have no nationality and no gender,” says Léa Seydoux, who has worked with Quentin Tarantino and Wes Anderson, been a Bond girl, and won the Palme d’Or at Cannes for her portrayal of a lesbian artist in Blue Is the Warmest Color.


Another issue that came out was about Gender. That’s another boundary that is breaking down. They asked the actresses which parts they’d like to play and many of them instinctively aspire for such that has traditionally been for men.


We’ve had so many different kinds of men on-screen. We’ve had so many heroes, so many antiheroes; we’ve had crime, romance, drama, thrillers; we’ve had psychos and kings,” says Elizabeth Debicki an Australian actress who starred in Steve McQueen’s Widows last year. “We don’t get to run the gamut like that as women. We need a myriad of experiences.


For the women in these pages, and with any luck for many more, the working world is shifting, fermenting, maturing. There is a feeling that something new will come out of this moment; that it will be imaginative and energetic and various, and that it will happen everywhere” Vogue US expresses in the article, that you can read here.


These are the 14 global superstars:


Deepika Padukone, India



Golshifteh Farahani, Iran



Alba Rohrwacher, Italy



Scarlett Johansson, USA



Eiza González, Mexico



Léa Seydoux, France



Hera Hilmar, Iceland



Doona Bae, South Korea



Angelababy, China



Elizabeth Debicki, Australia



Adesua Etomi-Wellington, Nigeria



Vanessa Kirby, UK



Liv Lisa Fries, Germany



Bruna Marquezine, Brazil




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