‘Walk On By’ Is The Intense New Single From Femi And Black Assets | Music News


If you are a blues rock, hip hop, soul and rap influence enthusiast, then the new single from American Nigerian musician Femi titled “Walk on By” will undoubtedly meet your expectations.


“Walk on By” is a musical journey exploring police violence and racism from our current political moment and depicts the growth of resignation to rage that we are experiencing in the world.


As we move forward in the song, the climax get intense from a quiet introduction to an explosive ending through Black Assets‘ incomparable vocals and Femi’s intense guitar work.


Femi is currently based in Washington, DC, and his passion comes from the traditional music in Nigerian religious and social gatherings he fell in love with while learning traditional dances.


At the age of eight, he learns piano before spending his formative years learning saxophone and being exposed to the jazz and classical music. He improved his skills even further in college joining the Indiana University Soul Revue where he started to experiment more and more hip-hop.


As a multi-instrumentalist, rapper, and singer, his projects feature heavy use of live instrumentation, much of which he performs himself. As a composer, the instrumentation featured on his work ranges heavily from orchestral instrumentation to more traditional rock instrumentation.


Femi now features as a main songwriter, vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and keyboard player for the Washington, DC based band and musicians’ collective Indiana Jonesin. This band writes and performs its own original material, but the collective also serves as the core backing band for each of its members’ solo material and solo performances.


Femi has been called “The Indie Artist You Need to Listen To This Month” by OkayAfrica, while Jammerzine say about him, “Femi has that musical sensibility that only true artists possess where he knows what to utilize and how to use it in just the right way”, and Femi’s previous efforts in “blues rap” have resulted in ” a truly cosmic blend of blues and hip-hop…”, according to Adobe and Teardrops.


Listen to “Walk on By” below:




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