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Acoustic folk musician Kiefer Detrick has been rocked by music since his childhood due to his parents’ job as music educators, he started writing songs when he was 13 years old. After college, he devoted his life to music and launched his first studio project on New Year’s Eve titled The Gray, from which we present the single “Looking Back”.


“Looking Back” explains the guilt of the past and the singer wanted to focus his song, driven by his soft voice, on all the guilt that we might have felt in the past and all the shame that resulted from it. “Will my whole life be a cycle of mistakes then correction, repeated over and over?”, Kiefer sings.


The track can be considered as a “ballad” and we can definitely recognise his spiritual angst through this song. The artist created a sweet break to make us realize the deeper of humanity especially with this song, which gives us a break from the norm and takes us elsewhere. With this year being harder and more complicated than other years, the single allows the listener to feel something else.


Speaking about the track, Detrick says, “this haunting track was written at at a crossroads. Feeling beholden to shame from my past, I could only look to my future with fear. I would stay up late at night, staring at my ceiling, playing guitar quietly, repetitively, and rambling along, trying my best to get my thoughts out, going in circles“.


Through this EP, the artist has made the transition into this new year a little more bearable and has made us believe in redemption. Listen to “Looking Back” especially below:




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