Was Loki Laufeyson Being Mind Controlled By Thanos The Whole Time? | Film News


Apparently our favourite villain from the Marvel universe was just one big lie, and fans aren’t too pleased about the cop out from Disney, who claimed that Tom Hiddleston’s character, Loki, was actually being mind controlled by Thanos between Thor and Avengers.


The villain turned anti-hero that we all love has now been replaced with a version of Thanos. The villain from Avengers 3 + 4 is simply too powerful for any Avenger to kill, single-handedly or together. The only solution appears to be Thanos ending his own reign himself, after he realises that his plan will not make him happier.


But there really is no coming back for Thanos, especially for super-fans of Loki, whom the villain killed at the beginning of the 3rd Avengers film. It seems that forgiveness might not be on the table from the Avengers themselves, either.


So while the story might have a happy ending in some ways, the Marvel universe will probably make us feel some remorse for Thanos, and perhaps he will spend an eternity alone, or perhaps he will destroy the stones. Either way, Loki is still dead, so that’s just bad Karma.



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