Watch A Preview Of ‘Revenge’ Season 3, Episode 16 | TV Trailer

‘Revenge’ previews ‘Disgrace’ season 3 episode 16 spoiler


ABC has released a preview of the upcoming episode of Revenge titled ‘Disgrace’ where Emily Thorne comes under more fire from the Grayson family. Charlotte discovers something about Emily causing her mother Victoria to go into a rage while Daniel asks Emily for a divorce. The last episode revealed that Stevie Grayson may have visited David Clarke while in prison. She is Conrad Grayson’s former wife who he divorced to get with Victoria. She is also Jack Porter’s biological mother, who abandoned him and Declan as children. Emily’s frequent blackouts threaten to sabotage her mission of revenge against the Grayson family. The next episode airs on ABC this Sunday at 9pm.




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