Watch First Trailer For ‘In The Heart Of The Sea’ | Film Trailer


Based on the famous tale of danger at sea, comes the new film In The Heart Of The Sea from top director, Ron Howard. Starring Chris Hemsworth as Owen Chase, Howard tells the story of a desperate whaling boat that finds themselves in mortal danger at sea when a vicious sperm whale targets them, leaving them stranded at sea for ninety days, and miles from their home land.


Set in 1820, the film is based on the famous book Moby Dick, written by Herman Melville. The trailer looks exciting enough with the sense of peril high throughout, and images of the infamous whale plaguing the screen and stalking it’s victims. Alongside Thor’s Hemsworth, In The Heart Of The Sea stars Cillian Murphy, Michelle Fairley and Ben Whishaw. In The Heart of The Sea opens in the UK on March 13, 2015, check out the trailer below…




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