Watch New Teaser For Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ Season Three | TV Trailer


Things are feeling a little tense in the new teaser for Netflix‘s third season of House of Cards. The show focuses on Kevin Spacey‘s character Congressman Francis Underwood who, alongside his crafty wife (Robin Wright), works his way up the political food chain, while taking revenge on those who’ve wronged him. Gaining a huge fan following, the anticipation for season three has been seriously high and this new trailer just adds to the delight.


The now President and his first lady can be seen preparing for their White House portrait, when a loving gesture from Frank is met with a frosty reception from his wife Clair. While their relationship has often appeared to be one of convenience and scheme, could this be the beginning of its true unraveling? We’ll have to wait and see. While the first two season have showcased Frank’s turbulant rise to power, it seems only fitting that fans get a glimpse of perhaps a demise in his success for season three. It’s only a matter of time before we find out, as the third season of House of Cards goes live on Netflix on February 27. Get ready to binge watch.




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