Watch New Trailer For ‘Deadpool’ Starring Ryan Reynolds | Film Trailer


Since its announcement, the excitement surrounding the Deadpool origin story film has been huge, the much loved but foul mouthed vigilante has been long overdue, his time on the big screen. This triailer gives us a teaser into what the storyline will be as Wade Wilson played by Ryan Reynolds finds out he is suffering from cancer which has spread to multiple organs. He is then offered a deal to beat the cancer through different experiments to turn him into a ‘superhero’. Seeing him take to the streets, he takes down a team of ‘bad guys’ effortlessly cracking hilarious jokes whilst he’s doing it.


The standout difference between this and any other superhero film is that it has a lot more comedic elements, as well as being the first superhero film from Marvel or DC to be aimed at an adult audience with its mature language. Other cast members include Homeland’s Morena Baccarin playing Reynolds’ love interest and Silicon Valley’s T.J Miller who is quick to bash Reynolds’ new look. A more mature red band trailer is also available online. Deadpool is scheduled to be released on February 5, 2016.




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