Watch Second Trailer For Disney’s ‘The Finest Hours’ | Film Trailer



Before cyborg monsters, the ultimate battle was between man and nature. Here, Disney’s second trailer for The Finest Hours reveals an insight into the heroic life of a veteran at sea. Actor, Chris Pine, stars in the film as the main character who is torn between serving his country and being alive for his lover, played by actress Holliday Grainger.


The plot reflects upon a true event during the 1952 when a massive nor’easter had unexpectedly happened out at sea, affecting many veterans at work. This had resulted in many being trapped inside ships, which aided for quick, rational thinking. Thus, in order to escape all must create a courageous plan, despite their limited contact with other military stations and minimal equipment around them.


Will they manage to survive, despite their multiple experience and a magnitude of skills they have practiced and trained for? Or will one have to sacrifice in order to save many? There is only one way to find out and that is to watch the film that is said to be released in the U.S on January 29 2016!




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