Watch Teaser Trailer For ‘London Has Fallen’ Starring Gerard Butler | Film Trailer


In 2013, Olympus fell, in 2016 London will fall. The first trailer for the Olympus Has Fallen sequel London Has Fallen has been released. The film sees world leaders come together to witness the funeral of the British Prime Minister, whilst in attendance, Secret service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) discovers an assassination plot and must join forces with MI6 to take down the terrorist threat.


Though it’s exciting to see some form of disaster happen outside of the US; as a Londoner it’s a little scary seeing monuments and buildings that you have grown up with and know and love get blown up and destroyed. I guess that’s how New Yorkers feel when the Statue of Liberty meets some ill fate. But I guess it’s second nature by now to them. Did you clock the London Bridge song? Spooky right?




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