Watch Teaser Trailer For ‘Louder Than Bombs’ Starring Jesse Eisenberg | Film Trailer


It looks like the most miserable film of the year, but boy, does the enigmatic teaser trailer for director Joachim Trier‘s English language debut Louder Than Bombs look quietly terrific. The movie premiered at the Cannes Film Festival back in May to a divisive reaction from critics, with The Guardian going so far as to call it “rather silly“. Yet the goodwill Trier earned from his previous movie, the harrowing drama Oslo, August 31st, has ensured that for many film fans, this remains a must see.


In case you couldn’t work it out from the 50-second teaser, the film is about a father (Gabriel Byrne) and his two sons (Jesse Eisenberg and relative newcomer Devin Druid) reflecting on the death of their wife/mother, a famous war photographer. The movie is set to be released sometime next year, but if you are in Norway, rejoice, as it is heading to a cinema near you in October.




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