Watch Trailer For Homeless Drama ‘Time Out Of Mind’ Starring Richard Gere | Film Trailer


Oren Moverman is a writer and director, known for creating socially conscious independent movies that highlight the plight of the human condition. The first trailer has been unveiled for his latest feature Time out of Mind, starring Richard Gere as a struggling homeless drifter in New York.


Watching the usually slick, silver fox Gere take on the part of an alcohol abusing, poverty stricken man is disconcerting, a feeling that serves the social comment of this movie very well. This is an honest and authentic depiction of homelessness, the abandonment, isolation and indignity of this neglected class of people. The lead character had to be identifiable and flaunt the audience’s realization that destitution is possible for anyone. To play George Hammond, Gere shed every layer of vanity, owning his 66 year old body in its soiled guise indiscriminately.


He spent time in homeless shelters to prepare for the role and scenes were filmed on the streets of the city via remote cameras, relying on people’s natural aversion to beggars, to capture the reality of our character’s daily life. We are so accustomed to ignoring the homeless, the people walking past did not recognize the famous household name actor, simply because of his appearance. Gere has been highly praised for his total immersion into this role and it’s clear from the trailer just how brilliant he is, given the content to work with.


Moverman chose to film Time out of Mind with hyper realism, the sound is the authentic bustle of the city that a vagrant person cannot escape from, Gere is followed doggedly through every tough moment and embarrassment, astutely shot through windows, obstructed as a metaphor of his social status. The film also stars Jena Malone and Ben Vereen and features cameos from many famous faces including Steve Buscemi. It was very well received at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and will be released this September. Watch the trailer Here.




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