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Popping up on our radar as a name worth remembering, 24-year-old R&B singer/songwriter WAYI has released her latest single and she retells the wise words that were passed on to her from her father. “The Way I Am” is the debut single from the artist hailing from Belgium, channeling and learning from the great women blazing the path before her such as Jhené Aiko, Solange or Sia.


Perfumed with Spanish guitars, the track produced by James Lowland exudes confidence, empowering other women to let their love blossom but not at the cost of their self-worth. The sensuality of the guitars is coupled beautifully with her R&B vocals, taking us on a delightful journey. WAYI explores every petal and thorn of this universal theme, through narrating her own experiences.


“I almost lost myself to a man who liked me but not enough to accept me with all my flaws. Unconsciously, I started changing just to please him. Now that I’ve learned from it, I just say ‘fuck it’. You take the good and the bad or you leave it all!” recalls WAYI.



Just like her compatriot Amery, WAYI is looking to broaden the horizons of Belgian music. Listen to her debut single above.



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